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Award Application 2017

It’s EuroCloud Award time again! The EuroCloud Award 2017 Competition is opened for application.

Company Data
Company Data I - Fieldset 50%
Company Data II - Fieldset 50%
Cloud Solution
Best Cloud Service for Horizontal Markets
Best Cloud Service for Vertical Markets
Best Cloud Business Process as a Service Suite
Best Cloud Service provided by Start Up CSP's
Best Cloud Transformation Methods (Category for Cloud Consultants)
Best Business Impact provided by Cloud Services (Category for Cloud Customers)
For your Cloud solution please provide a reference contact of a company we can contact in order to verify the nature of the solution and its outcome


In a first phase, the most innovative and influential providers in 2017 will be identified as the national EuroCloud Awards 2017 winners. This phase will be finalized in early Summer 2017.

In a second phase starting in summer 2017, these national EuroCloud Awards winners will also be competing at a European level against other winners from other EuroCloud countries.

In comparison to 2016, the EuroCloud Awards categories have been extended to the increasing maturity of Cloud services on the European market