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Past Events

StarAudit Training

StarAudit AB, FD, PF and Auditor (English Training)

Taipei, Taiwan

StarAudit Training

StarAudit AB, FD, PF and Auditor (English training)

Zagreb, Croatia

EuroCloud Forum 2016

The 7th EuroCloud Europe Congress and Awards Gala

EuroCloud Europe
Bucharest, Romania

StarAudit Senior Training

Internal Auditor (IA) and Auditor Training (AA) (German Training)

Vienna, Austria

StarAudit Training

Organized by the First StarAudit Training Organization in Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland

EuroCloud Austria Brunch

Digital Transformation Through Efficient Cloud Sourcing

EuroCloud Austria
Vienna, Austria

EuroCloud Slovakia Day 2016

Yearly National Cloud Computing Conference

EuroCloud Slovakia
Bratislava, Slovakia

EuroCloud Croatia - Cloud Day 2016

Croatia Cloud Day ­Infrastructure of Knowledge Society

EuroCloud Croatia

Germany Awards and Annual Conference

EuroCloud Deutschland Conference (ECDC 2016)

EuroCloud Germany
Cologne, Germany

EuroCloud Austria Brunch

Brunch im Schwarzen Kameel

EuroCloud Austria
Vienna, Austria

Show your Cloud

In 2016, EuroCloud Netherlands is launching again the "Show your Cloud" series of events.

EuroCloud Netherlands
Amstelveen, Netherlands

EuroCloudExpo Spain 2016

The 6th edition of EuroCloud Expo attracted over 1,400 visitors

EuroCloud Spain
Madrid, Spain

EuroCloud Forum 2015

The EuroCloud Forum 2015 took place in Barcelona

EuroCloud Europe
Barcelona, Spain

The Future of Cloud

Industry meets Scientific and Market Research

EuroCloud Austria
Vienna, Austria